We strive to be a practice that everyone can go to, young and old, independent of political, cultural and                              philosophical beliefs or socio-economic situation.                                                           

          We wish to treat the patient as a whole and to guarantee both the physical and psychological well being of the                  patient.

          You can therefore consult us for:

    - Acute care

    - Pre-operative examinations (ecg)

    - Vaccinations and travel advice

    -Medications advice

    -Cervical smears

     -Pregnancy monitoring

    - spirometry

    - Injury care

    - Minor surgery

     - Sick child or baby care

    - Support in your final phase of life

We attach great importance to mutual respect and trust with input from both doctors and patients. The patient also bears a responsibility and plays an active role in his/her own health care

As general practitioners, cooperation both within and outside our practice is central to us: with home care, physiotherapists, psychologists, dieticians, pharmacists, specialists, ... .

After all, the GP is central to primary care and has a coordinating role in this.